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OUR SERVICESEl Phantasmo is a boutique consulting firm spun out of the two long-term tech executives

Business consulting
Our years of experience in the IT industry in C-level positions will allow you to gain behind-the-scenes knowledge, insights, and support in creating the most effective strategy for your business.
Design and software development
We know the operation of software agencies inside out. We will help you digitize your ideas and solutions by engaging experienced experts and our know-how
Sales & marketing
We know what a vital link in business is sales and marketing - we'll help you arrange these processes so that they become an invaluable driver in your business.
Software projects management
Our portfolio includes +500 successfully completed technology projects. We are also happy to take care of yours.

WHAT WE DOLearn more how we can support your business

Tech management of technology project

Project Management
ensure that the entire project, program, or portfolio of projects meets the requirements of the stakeholders (shareholders)


ensure progress through all project phases, program stages and project portfolio periods


With long term and medium-term IT projects in the execution of online services, web, server solutions, mobile applications

Work coordination

integrate and coordinate work in the temporary structure of the project, program or portfolio of projects


enable the creation (delivery) of project deliverables


management of remote, international teams, English language as main communication

Leverage Our Decade-long Expertise in Mobile App Development

Business services and consulting

Promotion & marketing
Promoting the digital products offered to its potential contractors and selecting clients for whom the digital products will be implemented


Preparation of general and individualized offers for digital products; determining individualized customer demand in the phase of initial definition of the form of software or application to be sold; direct presentation of the offers to its customers


Representing the interests in setting the terms and conditions of sales contracts, including informing the customers about the terms and conditions of execution of a given order for the development of software or a customized application to improve existing software, as well as about the terms of payment and applicable collateral


Establishing business contacts with the clients looking for IT services, maintaining an ongoing relationship with the customers, including organizing meetings of informational and promotional nature


Preparing general financial calculations of offers for the clients, with a view to achieving the assumed sales targets. Analyzing the company’s P&L and looking for potential points to optimize.

Consulting & strategy

If your business needs tailor-made solutions

Take your project to the next level with our experience and know-how